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Since being established in 1973 as a small, family business, Express Engineering has grown and earned an international reputation for unrivalled product quality, service, experience and best-in-class processes, through the pursuit of engineering excellence. For over 40 years we’ve worked to perfect the skills which ensure that, every day, every project is delivered with integrity and quality and to the highest standards.

Customers around the world, applying engineering solutions from subsea oil and gas extraction to satellite technology, choose us because our skilled and motivated workforce uses the best available machinery to ensure on-time, right-first-time delivery. Our integrated work patterns free them from administrative and management burdens, allowing valuable resources to focus on their core business.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which controls all business information from enquiries to invoicing, integrates seamlessly with Preactor – an advanced planning, scheduling and supply chain integration tool. This delivers a smooth and accurate production process with real time information readily available.

We constantly review market and customer requirements, enabling pre-booking capacity against forecast demand, collaborative bidding or bid support. We also encourage and seek customer input on investment decisions.

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