Oil & Gas Products

Here at Express Engineering, we offer a wide range of oil and gas products perfectly-suited for the industry.

Using proven global supply chain partners, we apply sophisticated project management and quality control processes to deliver oil and gas products which exceed customer expectations, on time and within budget.

We provide low risk solutions for critical products and assemblies, including:

Subsea X-trees

  • Actuators
  • Penetrators
  • Valve internals
  • Tubing hangers and jewellery

Subsea wellheads

  • High and low pressure housings
  • Conductor housings
  • Casing hangers
  • Jewellery

Workover systems

  • Riser connectors (flexible and solid)
  • Pin and boxes
  • Intervention valves
  • Disconnects

Subsea tooling

  • Wellhead / drilling
  • Tubing hanger
  • X-tree
  • Workover

Manifolds and connections

  • Single and dual bore hubs
  • Hubs with pup pieces
  • Termination assemblies
  • Pressure caps
  • Clamp assemblies


  • Metering
  • Pumping and processing
  • Chokes
  • ROV’s
  • Drilling
  • Downhole tools


  • Tooling
  • Aftermarket support

For more details on our Oil & Gas products or if you have any questions either call us on +44(0)191 487 2021 or

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