Power Generation Products

Here at Express Engineering we manufacture a variety of complex power generation products and assemblies from a wide range of materials, including hard alloy metals, for performance critical applications.

We can produce small to medium batches under controlled conditions and on a repeat project or continuous schedule demand basis. We also have the capability to produce critical components as individual items, integrated kits of parts or complete assemblies.

The equipment and quality controls required to provide critical parts and assemblies are well developed at all our manufacturing sites. We are confident that we can demonstrate the ability to project manage and control the entire process, to provide a low risk manufacturing solution for critical products and assemblies.

Our product portfolio for gas and steam power generation includes:

•  Engine casings
•  Turbine discs
•  Turbine blades
•  Guide vane nozzles
•  Shafts
•  Compliant drive couplings
•  Poppet valves
•  High capacity strainers
•  Valve seats
•  Complex rings

For more details on our Power Generation products or if you have any questions either call us on +44(0)191 487 2021 or

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